Welcome! We are the Deep Hearing Lab at the University of Cambridge led by Dr Tobias Goehring. 

Our research aims to help people with hearing difficulties. 

Communication in noisy places is a major problem for people with hearing loss. We work on improving speech perception in noisy environments with hearing devices (cochlear implants, hearing aids and hearables). We combine techniques from engineering, audiology, neuroscience, psychology and deep learning to better understand the problem and to develop new methods for hearing devices and clinical applications. An important part is the collaboration with people who use hearing devices to get their feedback and to evaluate our research.

We are part of the Cambridge Hearing Group and based at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit

Funders include the Medical Research Council, Fondation pour l'Audition, the Evelyn Trust, Wellcome Trust and Newton Trust and RNID. 

We need volunteers. If you want to help, get in touch!

Finally, learn more about cochlear implants by visiting our research demo.