Dr Bob Carlyon - MRC CBU, UK
Dr Alan Archer-Boyd - MRC CBU, UK
Ms Charlotte Garcia - MRC CBU, UK
Dr Tim Brochier - University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Saima Rajasingam - Anglia Ruskin University, UK
Prof Manohar Bance - Cambridge University Hospitals, UK
Prof Brain CJ Moore - University of Cambridge, UK

Dr Debi Vickers - University of Cambridge, UK

Dr Matt Davis - MRC CBU, UK
Dr Josef Schlittenlacher - University of Manchester, UK
Dr Mark Fletcher - University of Southampton, UK

Dr Jessica Monaghan - National Acoustics Laboratories, Australia

Prof Julie G Arenberg - Harvard Medical School, US

Prof Enrique Lopez-Poveda - Universidad de Salamanca, Spain

Funders and Grants:

Career Development Award Fellowship (PI: Goehring) - Medical Research Council UK

Postdoctoral Fellowship (PI: Gaultier, SV: Goehring) - Fondation pour l'Audition

Joint Research Grant ISSF (PI: Goehring) - Wellcome Trust, Newton Trust, University of Cambridge

Medical Research Grant (PI: Goehring, Co-I: Lamping, Vickers, Carlyon) - The Evelyn Trust


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